2021: The Future of Hybrid Work and Reimagining the Global Office

Mason Rak asked tax leaders and professionals: “Where do you believe you will be working in a post-COVID world?” 33% of our respondents believed they would work from home, while 11% envisioned a return to the office. An overwhelming 56%, however, saw the value of a hybrid working model.   

2020 Changed Everything 

Hybrid work models will pave the way forward for many accountancy and law firms in 2021.  During the toughest points of 2020, tax professionals were able to work remotely.  A shift from traditional office work to a more flexible approach is beneficial for tax leaders and teams, allowing people to feel mentally, physically, and financially secure in uncertain times. 

Hybrid work strategies facilitate areas of tax consulting that are executed better in person.  Office work will allow teams to come together for collaboration, or to network with clients.  At Mason Rak, we continue to execute challenging tax search assignments and act as a trusted advisor to accountancy and law firms across the globe.  The team at Mason Rak seamlessly transitioned from in-office work to remote working and continue to provide best-in-class tax search solutions to clients around the world. 

Mason Rak believe the current climate presents a global opportunity for tax professionals to service clients remotely.  This trend reflects a new era for the industry.  We view the current market not as a challenge but instead as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.  

Work from Anywhere? 

Global reach for tax professionals is an invaluable resource.  Modern technology has allowed business growth from any jurisdiction.  Tax professionals are effortlessly transitioning from in-office work to remote work.  Technology has enabled consultants to engage virtually with clients, while software has developed to allow access to applications, data, and storage from remote locations. 

An international move merged with remote working will accelerate career growth for tax professionals.  It will enrich lifestyle through education, culture, and language.  International exposure is particularly important for tax professionals seeking partnership potential.  Collaborative work helps tax professionals feel connected, just like in an office environment: even if they are on opposite sides of the globe. 

Working from home, combined with in-office work has accelerated in the pandemic era.  Forward-thinking professional services firms have allowed for remote days to increase individual focus, as well as virtual communication for orientations, relationship management and to kick-start projects. 

There are many advantages for tax professionals to work from different locations.  An overseas role will allow tax professionals to develop a global network.  International experiences demonstrate the ability to successfully integrate with different cultures and develop an international perspective, which is regarded highly by employers.  

Reimagining the Global Office 

From inception, Mason Rak was designed to function outside the stereotypical physical office – this means that while the pandemic has acted as a catalyst for change in organisations across the world, Mason Rak’s remote, global outlook has transferred seamlessly into a new digital era. Through powerful methodology, in-depth industry knowledge, and an unrivalled network of tax professionals, Mason Rak is able to execute some of the most challenging assignments regardless of jurisdiction. 

The method of work in 2021 is simple, replicate the familiarity of working from a traditional office, but remove the reliance of a single location.  Tax professionals must maintain their professional relationships with clients, colleagues and tax leaders.  In the current climate, strong interpersonal skills, combined with hybrid global office spaces, will enable firms to gain a competitive advantage.  A flexible approach will guarantee productivity in the workplace, be it remote or in-office – the combination is future proof and sustainable.    

Mason Rak is a global specialist tax search firm, who operate extensively across all key global markets. The firm executes some of the most challenging strategic tax search assignments and acts as a trusted advisor to accountancy and law firms around the world. If you would like to learn more about the global market and strategic leadership opportunities, please contact Oleg Rak, Managing Partner, on +44 786 911 3281 or email [email protected]. 


United States

Successfully identified the following individuals for global professional accountancy and law firms in New York, San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Chicago, Dallas and Houston:

  • Head of International Tax
  • Transfer Pricing Partner
  • International Tax Partner
  • Transaction Tax Partner
  • Transfer Pricing Director
  • Head of Transfer Pricing (Law Firm)
  • Transfer Pricing Partner
  • Transaction Tax Partner


Successfully placed the following roles within leading professional accountancy and law firms:

  • Transfer Pricing Partner
  • Indirect Tax Partner 
  • Transfer Pricing Partner 
  • Transaction Tax Director 
  • Tax Disputes Director
  • Tax Legal Director


Mandated to strategically growth Tax business for several international and domestic  professional services and law firms in Munich, Frankfurt and Dusseldorf:

  • Expatriate Tax Director
  • Transfer Pricing Partner
  • Real Estate Tax Senior Manager
  • Transfer Pricing Manager 
  • Transaction Tax Director 
  • Transfer Pricing Director
  • Transfer Pricing Team Move 
  • Indirect Tax Partner 


Over 25 mandates completed for professional services and law firms  including:

  • Head of Transfer Pricing 
  • Financial Services Tax Director 
  • International Tax Partner (Law Firm)
  • M&A Tax Senior Manager 
  • International Tax Director
  • Indirect Tax Partner
  • Tax Legal Partner

United Arab Emirates

Engaged on a transformation search project to identify the Tax Leadership team for the  professional services tax team across the UAE market:

  • Head of Tax
  • Head of Transfer Pricing
  • and Head of Indirect Tax
  • Expatriate Tax Director 
  • Head of Financial Services Tax major international professional services firm in Abu Dhabi

Hong Kong

Successfully identified an International Tax Director and Financial Services TP Head for leading professional services firms.